No Banners To Start With?

A bigger problem is a complete absence of banners.  It seems strange that in present times any online company utilizing affiliate resellers wouldn’t provide a wide array of banners, but that is the case. Some of the most popular companies just don’t have banners for their affiliates to use.  Weird.

Here is how to make them yourself.

Too Ugly For Video Marketing?


Some of us were made for the screen. Some of us weren't.

But video is such a powerful tool for marketing and selling, especially for home-business owners.

And it really is amazing how the technology has changed over the last few years to make things so easy for people to work with video in their business.

What's even more amazing is how cheap it is to take advantage of such an easy-to-use tool like this.


Lazy "Mo-Fo"s


I’ve seen people with no arms or legs make a comfortable living from home. I’ve seen people with chronic pain syndromes, keeping them bed-ridden 24 hours per day, making 6-figures from home. I’ve seen people slave away at a business for 15 years, 12 to 15 hours per day to get to the point where it was highly profitable and they could replace themselves and retire. Even I worked 70 to 80 hours per week for the first 2 to 3 years of my network marketing career in order to get my offline MLM business built up.



The famous “Pareto Principle”, also knows as “Pareto Distribution” and the “80/20″ rule postulates that roughly 80% of results come from only 20% of the causes. This seems to apply widely to life.

For example:

As a gardener you may find that 20% of the sown seed yields 80% of the crop.
As a sales person you may find that 20% of your customers provide 80% of your commissions, or that only 20% of your advertising sources produce 80% of your income.

And it could be that you find an even more skewed comparison such as 90/10 or 95/5.

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What Are The Best Traffic Sources?


There Are Certainly "Junk" Traffic Sources

Any ad vendor that tells you they are going to give you 1,000,000 visitors for $97 or something that is obviously being dishonest with you.  Sure, his click counter may read "1,000,000" at the end of your ad run, but you've gotten no subscribers and no sales… Big Surprise!

Don't buy "Guaranteed Visitor", "Guaranteed Traffic" or "Guaranteed Signup" which appear to be ridiculously cheap. I've don't this a number of times and have never gotten any results.

There Are So Many Places To Get Traffic You Can Never Use Them All

There are far more legitimate sources for traffic than there are scam offers for visitors.

Here are some important points when it comes to getting decent traffic and converting it.


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